About Us

Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Established in 1962, Forest Lawn Memorial Park provides beautiful memorial gardens and undulating hills of lawn memorials surrounded by natural bushland that provides a tranquil setting to come and remember.

Forest Lawn is a permanent place of remembrance, incorporating a memorial wall for plaque placement and a memorial garden where cremated remains can be placed. We offer a wide choice of options designed to reflect personal tastes, adhere to cultural and religious requirements.

We are the premier burial and crematorium venue in Sydney's Macarthur District.


At Forest Lawn Memorial Park, we are always trying to find new ways to provide services. That is why we offer our own Concierge service to assist you. You will find a Concierge Desk located in our main office, and our Concierge will help you with any request or service you require, such as:

  • locating a loved one memorialised on our grounds
  • giving you directions to a chapel to attend a funeral service
  • answering general questions about Forest Lawn Memorial Park, and
  • making an appointment with a Family Service Advisor for a tour of the grounds and to discuss memorialisation.

The Concierge Office is open 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday and from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and can be reached on (02) 9606 5822. If there are any other ways our Concierge can assist you, just come in and ask.


Memorial Choices

Forest Lawn Memorial Park offers a wide range of memorials, from a lawn burial with a bronze plaque, to an above ground crypt, or a rose or family memorial garden where cremated remains can be placed.

We understand the importance of creating a beautiful and lasting tribute in the form of a permanent memorial. Forest Lawn Memorial Park offers families a place to honour those lost. The tributes become part of a family’s history and a permanent token of the love and respect we have for someone whose life has ended.

Funeral Venues

We have two formal chapels which provide a respectful and fitting place to hold a memorial service.

Both chapels have state-of-the-art digital equipment so you can display the pictures, presentations, videos and play the music that will mean so much to you and your guests. An organ is also available for the playing of traditional hymns.

In October of 2011, Bishop Peter Ingham of the Diocese of Wollongong blessed our North chapel so that we can provide Catholic mourners with a venerated space to say goodbye to loved ones.

Professional Maintenance

From the first time you visit Forest Lawn Memorial Park, you will witness just how visually stunning a modern cemetery can be.

To maintain our high standards of beauty, Forest Lawn Memorial Park is a fresh flower only and a no-ornamentation memorial park. We even have an on-site florist available. Our grounds feature a peaceful, open and natural setting that is maintained throughout the year by our team of qualified and experienced grounds staff.

All memorials within Forest Lawn Memorial Park receive ongoing maintenance.

Family Connection

Having served the Macarthur District in Sydney for more than seventy years, almost every family will have a connection to us. We are also easily accessed, as we are conveniently located on Camden Valley Way in Leppington.


Forest Lawn was established in 1962 as Memorial Gardens Pty Ltd on former dairy farm property adjacent to the Hume Highway at Leppington.


It was initially operated from an office in Parramatta until the main building and crematorium was completed in 1968.

The first burial took place on 29 December 1964 and the first cremation took place on 21 August 1968.

The business changed hands numerous times over the next two decades and in 1988 Pinegrove took over the ownership of the business. The Pinegrove group was subsequently acquired by Service Corporation International in 1993. Forest Lawn continued operating as a part of Service Corporation International Australia until July 2004. It then became part of InvoCare Australia Pty Limited, an Australian public company which listed on the Australian stock exchange in October 2004.

Since 1962, Forest Lawn Memorial Park has been developing its grounds into beautiful memorial gardens and undulating hills of lawn burials.

Responding to the growing cultural diversity of the local community, Forest Lawn Memorial Park has established four crypt complexes with a fifth completed in late 2012; an expanding monumental section around one of our water features, and the availability of various family rockery estates and gardens for burial.

In June 1999 new chapel facilities were opened and incorporated a florist and tea room to service the growing needs of families.

To date there have been over 30,000 cremation services and 11,500 burial services conducted at Forest Lawn.