Badgerys Creek Memorial Cemetery


The Badgerys Creek Anglican and Uniting (Methodist) Church cemeteries were relocated to the Badgerys Creek Memorial Cemetery at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in December 2017 by the Australian Government.

This followed the closure of the Badgerys Creek cemeteries in the 1980s and the Australian Government’s 2014 announcement that the Commonwealth-owned land at Badgerys Creek would be developed as the site of the Western Sydney Airport.

Families, churches and the NSW Government were consulted to ensure the relocation was undertaken respectfully and took into account the wishes of families.

The permanent Badgerys Creek Memorial Cemetery, including memorial plaques and garden, was established at Forest Lawn Memorial Park to commemorate all those laid to rest at the Badgerys Creek Anglican and Uniting Church cemeteries, and to honour and remember the community of Badgerys Creek.

The Badgerys Creek Memorial Cemetery is closed to new burials.

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History of Badgerys Creek


Arriving in the new colony in 1799, James Badgery was granted 804 acres of land in 1809 around South Creek, an area which would later be known as Badgerys Creek. Land grants were given to settlers for the purpose of establishing large rural estates to contribute crops and livestock to feed the colony’s growing population.

Badgerys Creek remained essentially rural, occupied by a relatively small number of families throughout the nineteenth and much of the twentieth century. Many of these families intermarried and forged close alliances with one another.

In the early 1900s, two churches, St John’s Anglican Church and Badgerys Creek Uniting (Methodist) Church, were established at Badgerys Creek to service the local residents. For many years, services alternated week to week between the two churches, usually with the same congregation. Each church also had a small cemetery within the church grounds. In 1912, the St Francis Xavier Catholic Church and cemetery was established in Luddenham. This cemetery was relocated to St Francis Xavier Church and cemetery at Greendale in 1989-1990.


Images sourced from Liverpool City Heritage Library and A little bit country: an oral history of Badgerys Creek (1996).