Crypts of the Resurrection

The exclusive new crypt memorial complex at Forest Lawn Memorial Park was solemnly blessed by Fr Dominik Karnas CSMA on the 21st October, 2020.

The new crypt complex has been constructed in the north-eastern end of the park, adjacent to the existing Crypts of The Guardian Angel – Stage E. The crypts were officially opened on the 2nd November, 2020.

Crypts are an everlasting place of remembrance where your family can be together, and provide dignity, peace and comfort for families where future generations can pay their respects.

To reserve your memorial in Crypts of the Resurrection, speak to a Family Service Adviser on (02) 9606 5822.

Crypts of the Resurrection Memorial Options

The Crypts of the Resurrection will showcase a modern design incorporating environmental aspects such as natural light, covered walkways and featured courtyard areas. There will be water features, gardens, bronze art and detailed landscaping as part of the development.

The Crypts of the Resurrection complex will consist of 328 indoor and outdoor spaces in total, across four levels. These will comprise of:

  • 84 Double Crypts
  • 160 Single Crypts
  • 3 Family Vaults

The three (3) Family Vaults available will accommodate up to eight persons. 

Our crypts currently range from $26,576 incl GST.

Speak to a Family Service Adviser on (02) 9606 5822 to reserve a memorial in Crypts of the Resurrection today.