Memorial Options


Forest Lawn Memorial Park understand how important it is to choose a memorial that is a fitting tribute, captures the spirit of each individual and reflects cultural and religious integrity.

Whether your preference is for aboveground entombment, in-ground burial or a cremation memorialisation, there is no better way to express the high value you place on family heritage, tradition and closeness than to choose a fitting and personal memorial.

Our memorial park is beautifully maintained by our team of professional horticulturalists and offers families a peaceful setting for ongoing reflection and remembrance.

Burial memorial options

A memorial plays an important part in the burial process. It creates a permanent record of the burial site, which becomes a place where memories can be revisited, emotions explored, as well as a place where future generations can come to visit.

Cremation memorial options

You and your family have many choices and options for a personalised and meaningful cremation memorial, from the simplicity of a wall niche, a rose placement, or even your own family garden estate, we have a wide selection that ranges in price and style to accommodate your needs. You can view examples of our cremation memorials in the photo gallery below.

Faith & cultural memorials

At Forest Lawn Memorial Park we are sensitive to the needs of the rich cultural diversity within the community we have served for so many years. We respect the rituals and beliefs of all faiths and cultures and will help you to choose a memorial that is a profoundly personal and precious.

Well Known Memorials

Every memorial at Forest Lawn Memorial Park is special, however we have some memorials within our grounds that are very special.

Badgerys Creek Memorial Cemetery

The Badgerys Creek Anglican and Uniting (Methodist) Church cemeteries were relocated to the Badgerys Creek Memorial Cemetery at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in December 2017 by the Australian Government.

If you would prefer to speak Mandarin/Cantonese, Korean, Tagalog or Vietnamese, please use the contact details below.

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