Filipino Memorials


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Memorial Options

La Pieta Lawn Burial and Cremation Sites

La Pieta Lawn Burial and Cremation Sites 聖母耶穌像前土葬地

There are Premium Granite Niches in both sides of main gate.

A statue of "Pietà " locate in the middle of the garden.

Open Book Cremation Niche

Niche Columbariums 雙人灰位

Modern, striking design, semi-circular with trellis design, single cremation niches. Includes Double granite doors for added security.

Heritage Burial Estate at Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Heritage Estate 家族豪土葬花園

An elegant individual memorial which can be built to include as many people as required. Suits families who wish to be together. Personalise by choice of plants, headstone and finish of garden surround.

Heritage Burial Estate at Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Burial Estates 土葬花園

Lawn burial sites headed by a beautiful granite garden displaying the family name on a bronze plaque.

Olive Grove Burial Memorial

Olive Grove 橄欖樹花園

Lawn burial in a serene area of the park situated close to the water and marked by a bronze plaque set within the garden.

Individual Rockeries

Individual Rockeries 湖景骨灰花園

Individual cremation garden for two people which can be upgraded for more positions.