Well Known Memorials

Every memorial at Forest Lawn Memorial Park is special, however we have some memorials within our grounds that are very special.

They include:

  • Ted Mulry of the Ted Mulry Gang: When this legend of the Australian rock 'n' roll scene passed away in 2001, his funeral service was held at Forest Lawn. In 2011, at the 10th anniversary of his passing, a special memorial service was put on by the family and friends of Ted Mulry. The service was attended by a 'who's who' of Australian rock royalty, as well as by hundreds of his adoring fans. At this service a special permanent memorial to Ted was unveiled.
  • Michael Jackson special memorial service: When Michael passed away in 2009, his passing affected people all over the world. To help his Australian fans, Forest Lawn held a special memorial service that was attended by several hundred fans. The significance of Forest Lawn's connection is that Michael Jackson is buried within our sister cemetery, Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, Southern California.

    On the first anniversary of Michael's death, a second memorial service was held in his honour, which coincided with remembrance services held all over the world. Again, hundreds of Michael's Australian fans turned up for this musical and uplifting memorial service. A permanent memorial to Michael Jackson can be found in our grounds. 

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