Faith & Cultural Memorials

At Forest Lawn Memorial Park, we honour the rich cultural diversity of our community and respect the rituals and beliefs of all faiths and cultures. We are committed to helping you choose a profoundly personal and meaningful memorial.

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Asian Memorials

Forest Lawn Memorial Park serves our South-East Asian communities, ensuring their loved ones memorials follow their cultural traditions and beliefs.

Crypts of the Resurrection

The exclusive crypt complex includes water features, gardens, bronze art and detailed landscaping. Crypts are an everlasting place of remembrance where your family can be together, where future generations can pay their respects. 

Eternal Light Orthodox Monuments

Eternal Light is an Orthodox monumental section set within beautiful surroundings, catering to the cultural and religious needs of the Orthodox community.

Paradise of Zahra

the Paradise of Zahra, this special place of remembrance has been specifically designed with the beliefs and traditions of the Islamic Community at the forefront of mind.

We also have special memorial sections which cater for other multicultural communities such as Italian, Greek, Indian, Mandaean, and ancient Church of the East. From an intimate knowledge of burial and cremation customs and traditions to the landscaping that is in keeping with the spirit of the community culture, we are here for you in a way no ordinary memorial park can be.

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